Municipal Hearings

Municipal Hearings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month in the Village Board Room at the Village of Orland Hills, 16039 S 94th Avenue at 7:30 p.m.

Your case is called in the order that you register when you come into the hearing room. Parking and compliance tickets can be paid on-line, mail or in-person at the Orland Hills Police Department. Protest forms are accepted up until three days before the first hearing of the parking ticket.

Criminal and Traffic Court / Cook County

Offenses or violations occurring in Cook County utilize the Fifth Municipal District Courthouse, 10220 S. 76th Ave, Bridgeview, Illinois.

Request A Hearing Information

Violator Instructions

  1. TO MAKE A PAYMENT: Make your check payable to the Municipality in the amount indicated on the violation notice.  Mail in the envelope that was attached to your ticket. NOTICE: Upon reciept of the specified payment, the Municipality agrees to enter a final disposition for this violation and no further action is required.

    1. Pre-pay the amount demanded
    2. Apper at a hearing to contest the merits of the notice

  3. PRESENTATION OF PROOF OF NON-LIABILITY: If you have proof of payment, or documented evidence of non-liability, you may request a hearing date by completing the "Request For Hearing" form below.  After completing the form, you will be contacted by the Orland Hills Police Department.

  4. NON-RESIDENT WAIVER OF APPEARANCE: If you live outside the corporate limits of the municipality you may, as a non-resident, file an appeal in writing which will be in lieu of your appearance.  To file a written appeal, complete the "Request For Hearing" form that you received with your ticket and mail it to along with a notarized and signed statement.  Statements must be postmarked by the due date indicated on the ticket.  NOTICE: Written appeals are considered a waiver of your right to appear in person and the hearing officers disposition will be made solely on the facts in the notarized statement of facts and the violation notice.

  5. RIGHT TO HEARING: Should you wish to contest the merits of a violation notice, complete the "Request For Hearing" form below. This must be submitted prior to the due date on the ticket. You will be notified of the next scheduled hearing date.  Late requests or those failing to pre-pay by the specified due dates will be owing the municipality the fine amount in effect that the time of payment or appearance, plus any penalties.  NOTICE: The right to representation by an attorney is at your own expense.

  6. FINAL DETERMINATION OF LIABILITY: Upon the issuance of a FINAL DETERMINATION OF LIABILITY by the municipality, any unpaid fine and penalty is a "debt due and owing the Municipality." Failure to pay the fine upon notice of a debt owing the municipality may file a Complaint in the Circuit Court for each outstanding violation and/or seek the suspension of the driver's license of those owing 10 or more outstanding parking violations, in addition to impoundment of the owned vehicle for those who exceed the number of outstanding violations as set by ordinances.

Request A Hearing Form