Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 6:00pm, a Stormwater Management Annual Meeting & Public Hearing will be held, regarding the Village's Stormwater Management Plan.  In 1995 the original "Floodplain Management Plan" was adopted.  Annually, it has been reviewed and revised, as needed.  Subsequently, in 2004, it was retitled to the "Stormwater Management Plan".
The purpose of the Committee is to provide oversight and planning for the administrative review problems relating to the stormwater & flooding, including the Orland Hills portion of the Midlothian Creek, Tinley Creek and Marley Creek watersheds.  The Committee is also charged with development and updating of the Management Plan, which includes citizen education and outreach efforts relating to storm sewers, yard drainage and overland flow path protection.  The objects/goals of the committee's efforts are to protect persons and property and reduce flood problems when flooding occurs.
This meeting will be held in the Village Board Room, located at 16033 S. 94th Avenue, Orland Hills.